I was thrilled to have my sculpture ‘vessels’ included in an exhibition at SWTAFE, Warnambool, Victoria, Australia, last Friday night.
‘Vessels’ is made from pig gut, paper mâché, 1,000 year old duck egg, and gold leaf, painted with water colour and mounted on a wire frame.

My goal with this sculpture was to create a lightness in the pieces. The pig gut was quite weird and slimy to work with. The gut needs to be cut open as it is a tube. I lined the outside of a bowl with glad wrap and then lay the thin pieces of gut over it. The gut shrinks as it drys so you have to choose the right moment to take it off. Once dry it is so thin and light. It is clear and would blow away with a puff of wind.


After the gut dried, I experimented with some small pieces and painted them with water colour paint. I was pleased with this as the piece still had a translucent look, which maintained that light, airy feel I wanted. I added gold leaf to the rim of the vessel, to create another texture and to link the two pieces together.


The paper mâché vessel was made using the same bowl that I lay the pig gut on. I used wire to create a pattern inside the rim.
I also painted the bowl with water colour.


I used 1,000 year old duck egg to mosaic the inside of the bowl.

I was inspired to use the duck egg after seeing a beautiful piece in a gallery some time ago. I added gold leaf to the inside of the bowl, this helped link the two pieces together and created a lovely contrast with the colour of the duck egg. The pale green/blue colour of the egg complimented the blue water colour that I painted the bowl.

Finally I made some wire frames for the vessels to sit on. I wanted them to look like they were floating. The lovely thing is that at the exhibition they constantly moved gently as people walked by as if they were being blown by wind. I was pleased that they did that, I didn’t expect that to happen, but it helped to create that feeling of lightness that I wanted.

Next weekend I have some pieces selected for an exhibition at the Warnambool Art Gallery. I will write a post about them soon.


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