A garden stroll

The other day, I decided to have a garden stroll in a garden that I have driven past many times. On impulse I pulled in to have a look. Treloar Roses near Portland on the coast in the Southern part of Western Victoria, Australia.
I am so glad I did. With an average rainfall of 32 inches (839 mms) it is not hard to see why the Treloar’s decided to begin their rose growing business there over 40 years ago.


What a delightful sculpture in the garden. I couldn’t help thinking I wish my sister was with me to see it. She runs a manufacturing business making horsey things. If you like horses and need groovy horse gear, have a look at her wares here

The horse sculpture was in front of some rustic yards, which had beautiful roses growing on them.


The rose is my favourite, Pierre de Ronsard, and doesn’t it look lovely against the rustic wooden fence.

This garden is so beautifully set out. The focal points draw you further into the garden. The garden beds are full of roses grown and sold in the nursery.

We have just had the Melbourne Cup, which is the ‘race that stops the nation’ so it is fitting that Abraham Darby looks so brilliant at the moment. The roses around the Flemington Race course where the cup is held are carefully cared for so that they are at their peak on race day. They have a special pruning and fertilising program. I read up on their special tactics to try to get roses flowering for my daughters wedding in our garden a few years ago. Check out how they get the roses flowering on time here


Well they certainly know how to get roses flowering at Treloar Roses too.

I definitely want one of these in my garden. Hope my husband reads this post!


Do you have something to hide? A clever way to hide something unsightly in your garden. These roses are providing the perfect foil for a water tank hidden behind.


Well what a lovely surprise, this garden was, hidden in behind large old pine trees. A real treat for me and a credit to the Treloar family.

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Happy gardening.
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2 thoughts on “A garden stroll

  1. Jill

    How lovely….I lived there for years , drove past it I wouldnt know how many times, yet never ventured inside…my loss! X


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