Bloggers Party

Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who joined in my blogging party.
Occasionally, I put up a post that encourages people to share their blogs. I will then post them on my blog or facebook page. My aim is to help support and promote all of the clever people out there, the writers, artists, musicians, bloggers etc….

I would like to introduce you to the following bloggers, who joined my party..

If you love France check out Gigis French Window, this is the blog for you. Some exciting new blogs on her recent trip to France coming up.

Travel, travel, lovely photos and great information on JÁdore travel blog
How lovely a new sketch a day from this artist in Mysketchbookproject blog.
An interesting writer, worth a read ML Newman.
Have a read if you want to make money from blogging check out Marissa Riback and Brandye Dague.
Drop by to see what Anna Linnehan has to say about A.W.O.L.
Project A.W.O.L, have a peak, Karen Ellis will tell you what is it all about.
The money genie, wouldn’t we all like one.
The Bright Old Oak is an interesting writer.
The Wine Wankers will help you to choose the perfect glass of wine.
Some lovely art at Woduwu.
More beautiful art at Art For Nothing.
Leah Smithson’s beautiful art.
The controversial writings of Kenneth.
Andrew on Life
Littleprettymess a blog about all the things that keep life busy.

And last of all please check out my page The Gables a page where I add photos about my gardening and art. I visit local markets with my daughter, who makes ‘frankieballa scarves, my dad who makes bird boxes and my friend from ‘rags to bags‘ who is an avid sewer and makes some cool things.

I hope I have not missed anyone who joined the page party. Please post your link in the comments section if I missed you.
It has been lovely reading all of your blogs, the varied interests that you all have and the different information on your blogs has been very interesting. Thank you for joining in the party. Hopefully I have successfully added your links. Have fun browsing, I am sure you will find something that interests you.
The views expressed in the blogs that I have listed do not necessary reflect my own.

Happy reading.


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