Greece and home

After 4 months of research and testing, I have finally completed my sculpture. The original inspiration for this piece came from a visit to Greece in 2010. I was fascinated with the ceramic artefacts that I saw in the museums. They ranged from large ornate urns to tiny roughly formed children’s toy dolls.


A pencil drawing of an idea. Timber, ceramic and round organic shapes.

Some glaze recipes and examples of the colours


Forming the shape with clay.

Adding some beautiful silver birch timber from our garden.

Some detail of the clay sculpture on the vessel.

Glazing has been done, sections sandblasted and red paint added ready for the gold leaf.
Gold leaf added.
The timber was joined to the vessel using copper rod. The medallions are threaded onto the copper rod to complete the piece.
A different angle.
Close up of the copper rod.
And last but not least my very special dad showing me how to cut the silver birch.
What a great journey I had designing and developing this sculpture. I am really sad to see it end. It has been an amazing learning experience and I am really pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Greece and home

    1. The Gables Post author

      Thank you Desiree. I saw some beautiful pieces in the museum we visited on our tour with mumma. Well that’s one thing I can thank her for. hehe.


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