The Gables Terrariums


I have been busy making terrariums. They are so much fun to make. Please have a look and see what you think. The one above which I made with my daughter, has a beautiful deer and a lovely red toadstool. I hand make the toadstools and paint them. The plants that we used in this one are; babies tears, moss, succulents, a hyacinth bulb and some mondo grass.
the nutcracker terrarium

This little terrarium, has 2 gorgeous mice holding a walnut. The walnut has moss growing in it. The plantings are moss, babies tears, mondo grass and succulents. If you look carefully you will see a lady bird hiding usually under a leaf in each of the Terrariums.

Blue bird terrarium

This gorgeous blue bird terrarium has some ferns, succulents, moss and succulent planted in it. Can you find the lady bird?

Giraffe terrarium

The giraffe terrarium is one of my favourites. It has multiple layers of coloured sand and stones. It is planted out with hyacinth,white violets and succulents.

Tiger terrarium

The tiger terrarium, has a collection of succulents, babies tears stones and moss.

Terrariums make a nice change from a bunch of flowers and last so much longer. They are easy to look after, just a small amount of water every couple of weeks. Keep them out of direct sunlight, cut any leaves back as desired and enjoy. So easy and they make a lovely focal point in your home.
I hope you enjoyed a few from my collection. Please visit my facebook page to see more.
There are other interesting things for you to see on my facebook page. I attend markets regularly and I post where I will be. I also post other items that I have for sale. Please contact me if you would like further details at
Happy gardening.


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