The Grampians and vineyards

photo (30)

An early morning rise will insure this magnificent view of The Grampians (also known as Gariwerd) near Dunkeld in Victoria Australia, the sun rising behind Mount Sturgeon and Mount Abrubt makes them appear almost weightless.

photo (31)

Another reason I wanted to visit this area was for the wineries. Not for the wine but to photograph the lovely rows of grape vines twining themselves around their wires supporting their bounty. I am not sure what grapes they are in this photo, but if you check out the link below you will see information on the wines that are produced in the region.

Info about the Grampians Wine Region

There is also an amazing food and wine expo held each year in May called The Grampians Grape Escape, it is on my list of things to do. Please click on the link below if you are interested in tasting and drinking from some of the regions food and wine artisans.

Grape escape info

photo (33)

Have a look at the right hand corner of this photo to see that this is truly an Australian vineyard. I am always amazed by the beautiful bark on our eucalyptus trees, the colours and textures are gorgeous, I want to get out my paint brush and try to capture their beauty.

photo (34)

If you stretch your imagination for a minute and step on tippy toes to peek through this window you may see some people with their jeans rolled up stomping the grapes. The juicy grapes will be squishing through their bare toes and the beautiful sweet smell will be drifting through the air. I think I will add that one to my list of things to do as well.


5 thoughts on “The Grampians and vineyards

  1. gigideparis

    This is an area close to my heart, so thanks for sharing these ‘very Australian’ pics, Madame Gables. I would love to see your painted version one day please 🙂


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