A gorgeous field of roses

photo (27)

How could I not stop and take a photo of this gorgeous field of roses, near the coastal fishing village of Portland in Victoria Australia. Well that is a bit of a stretch really because with a population of approx 12,500 people it is really a city.
I glimpsed the rows of blooming roses as I was driving by and had to pull over, get out and walk to the fence to take a photo. Keeping an eye out for snakes I tiptoed through the dry grass and sticks to get a closer view.

photo (29)

The lovely straight lines of roses reminded me of the vineyards in Tuscany on a recent trip there. There is something satisfying in seeing the orderly rows, well manicured and tended to by the gardeners who care for them.

photo (28)
In fact this photo does remind me of Tuscany, the slope of the land and the row of conifers on the ridge. Now all I needed was a little Taverna and a Caprese Insalata.

photo (26)

Well I just had to be satisfied with a beautiful fresh grain avocado and salad sandwich, while gazing at this view. Not a bad trade off really. What do you think? Sometimes you just need to look out your own back door and you might be surprised what you find.

Please check out this link for some more information on Treloar roses, a family history of growing roses for 45 years.


5 thoughts on “A gorgeous field of roses

    1. thegablesgarden Post author

      Thank you JAdore, one day I will get a really good camera and take wonderful photos like yours. I am putting it on my wish list and then I can give my phone a rest.

  1. gigideparis

    How true this is,Madame Gables, we become so used to our surroundings , we take them for granted. Having lived in Portland for 6 or so years, it is great to see this lovely harbour shot , and a photo taken from the long pier in the background back onto the foreshore, with its beautiful Norfolk pines, is picture perfect too .


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