The Red Hill Rambler creates a room with a view


Two of the Loved Ones came round today, one to build bird houses with the Offsider and the other to help catch up on some overdue jobs in the garden and chase cobwebs.

I will tell you more about the bird houses later in the year,remind me if I forget….

While the unruly lawns were being tamed and the spider webs dealt with,I took time to reflect on various aspects of the garden, some that please and some things that I have become accustomed to and need attention.

It helps to walk around the garden from time to time and take random photos, look at them later and you will see areas that are lovely,not so lovely and some that are downright…….

Each season brings with it different looks, light and need, both for those who inhabit the garden, tend it and hopefully relax and rest at times with a tipple of your choice…..

What has all this got to do with a room with a view you ask ?…..,well, what I wanted to suggest to you is this……

When planning the layout for the precious plot, maybe give some thought to plant placements that will be viewed from inside looking out….
Matt's 30th birthday 15th Sept 2012 001
I am thinking mainly of trees and shrubs, but garden beds also, consider the need for shade, or sun, place garden stakes at where you think The Spot is and then go inside and look out the window, sometimes moving slightly on way or the other makes all the difference….

Look how the shadow is thrown as the sun moves during the day….

Don’t forget to look up,trees under power lines are not a good idea and the Offsider gets a bit stressed about blocked drains ………remember my suggestion about pen and paper ……?

Well, I must leave you now, gather up my spade and gloves, before starting this ramble I placed an Acer Negundo, (Box Elder Maple) on the north side of the house and it needs to be moved a little bit to the right, or is it to the left ?…..

Maybe I better leave it for another day, just to be sure…..


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