to trim or not to trim

To trim or not to trim that is the question….!

Lately we have had several days over 40 degrees C.

This has created havoc in the garden ,dried out the moisture in plants even to the extent of burning off agapanthus .

The garden is starting to look tired and ragged, unloved and in need of some TLC or tidying,loving, clearing…..

The parthenocissus henryana has henryaned over the shade house and little does he know that I am waiting on the other side with the secateurs.

The wisteria is making untoward advances to the clematis and the daisies and agapanthus are looking all dewy eyed and slightly dishevelled,one wonders what has been going on in our absence!!….

As you know, the Offsider and I have been rambled away from home for some time and have now come home to resume the gentle ebb and flow of life in the garden.

Decisions need to be made, trim some, leave some and the rest…….will have to wait.

A very famous and knowledgeable English gardener was asked once ‘ when is the best time to trim or prune or do other garden jobs?’,his reply was ‘when you have time or the inclination !’……

So with that in mind I have begun to trim and included a before and after photo. Later on when re growth has begun I will show you the final result and you can judge for yourself if it was the best decision…….

Roses can have a gentle summer prune, trim daisy bushes down to new growth, but not too hard, spent blooms of the lilacs,wayward tendrils from the wisteria , faded blooms from the shasta daisies, I think you have the picture…

Leave the hydrangeas, they will develop the most wonderful dried flowers heads leading in to autumn…

Trim and snip, mulch and weed , the list goes on…

The plants have grown with wild abandon and now are starting to out run stored energy, my plan is to water,( follow the shade) , then feed with blood and bone and top up the mulch.

It really is a good idea to apply fertiliser before mulching your garden, this replaces nutrients lost in growth and breaking down mulch already applied….
Well, I really must away, time, tide and gardens wait for no man, woman and very few gardeners …….

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One thought on “to trim or not to trim

  1. thegablesgarden Post author

    This post was done by The Red Rambler, my guest writer who will be starting her own blog soon. I will post details as soon as it is up and running.


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