The Precious Plot – from The Red Hill Rambler

So the time has come to set up home, well done ..!
 And now to survey the precious plot.

It becomes a time to plan…

First things first..

Pen and paper before the spade and rake.

This is really ‘do as I say, rather than do as I do’,…..

In my early days of gardening I think I dug or cut through every piece of poly pipe in the garden before I learnt where the watering system was (and also learnt to repair said pipe and install joiners), stretching the Offsider’s patience to breaking point….

….however life goes on ….and gardens and gardeners grow and learn…

Therefore my suggestion is to carefully document all underground pipes, cables, phone, gas etc that are on your property.

…simple you say, I’ll do that after I lay this paving …

…and what is under said paving may I ask ?…

Then the fun begins, …..

Nurseries, open gardens , visits to friends and friends of friends, cuttings and bulbs,pots and slips, seeds and nuts, magazines and manures, fertilisers and ferns.
(Hidcote Manor Garden)
On your daily walks and travels you will see many plants, ideas, gardens and structures in the gardens that interest you and you will want to know more about them.

If the opportunity arises, stop and have a chat, most times you will be invited to take a stroll around the garden, offered a cup of tea, leave with a parcel of cuttings carefully wrapped in damp newspaper and invited back when the roses are being pruned and the perennials are being divided.

Most gardens start with a germ of an idea as to how it will be and then as the years go by, I think, it takes on an identity of its own, with a little help from you of course.

Remember what you plant in autumn and spring has to be looked after in summer, don’t over plant in the first few years….

, and oh !, if you are looking for me, I am down the bottom corner watering and mulching the plants I planted in October…?!!…….
(Clematis at Red Hill)
Good luck, next time maybe we could ramble around some suggestions of simple plantings to get started….

The Red Hill Rambler


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