Red Hill Rambler

Gardens, gardening and gardeners…

The Offsider and I have rambled far enough away at the moment and are now looking to return home.

I noted a question asked some time ago ‘how do you learn to become a gardener’……..

My answer would be ….

You already are….., because you want to be….,

All you need to do over the passing years, is to extend your knowledge, read, look, listen and learn….

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Take notice of the seasons, note where the sun rises and sets on your land, read plant labels very, very, carefully, know your soil type , walk your locality and take notice of plants that grow well,it won’t take long for you to determine the type of plantings that appeal to you.

Beware of garden fads, learn the language ….

ie :- needs care means the damn thing will die as soon as you get it home…..
prolific grower means it will jump the neighbours fence and be half way down the street before the end of the week …..

large shade tree means grows to the height of a three story building and cost big dollars to remove twenty years later…..
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but seriously,

Gardening gives pleasure, keeps up your fitness levels, enables you to meet the most interesting people and feeds your family.

In my case it is an interest that spans three generations and gives us all a common ground.

There are some wonderful courses available for beginner, landscaper, horticulturalist ,the only decision is finding in the broad spectrum of gardening, where you wish to be, good luck and happy gardening.

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