Garden sculptures

I love sculpture in the garden, I have made a few pieces for my garden over the years that I would like to share with you.

Sculpture dates back many centuries, Hadrian (ruler of the Roman Empire A.D. 117-138) had beautiful pieces of sculpture in his garden at his Villa near Tivoli. (Villa Adriana).

Art photos 2012 033

This piece I made from clay, the clay has a very rough textured finish, very rustic, she stands at my front path to welcome guests as they arrive, although now she is hardly visible in the box hedge and the beautiful blue convolvulus spills out around her feet. I must give them a trim.

Art photos 2012 046

This sculpture I carved from left over limestone that my old house was made out of. This was a very enjoyable piece to make.  It is incredible to start with a square piece of stone and chisel away until a beautiful piece begin to emerge.

People today still like to have some form of focal point in their gardens. This helps to draw the eye on further and encourages people to explore the garden further.  The strategic positioning of a piece of sculpture helps to create intrigue and certainly demonstrates the style of the garden.

12 May 2012 056

Still using the limestone from my house, I created a totem for my garden, it stands next to my Pierre de Ronsard climber. I have quite a few Pierre de Ronsards in my garden, they are mainly pink and bloom profusely.  Recently I removed an arch that had 4 Pierre de Ronsard climbers on it. I had to translplant the roses, I have managed to save 3 of them they are now growing on my new open pergola. I am hoping they will cover it in a few years.

Art photos 2012 038

And finally my elephant mosaic, hides amongst the grasses.  I love elephants and had to have 1 in my garden. It was fun doing the mosaics, the pieces are from old bits of china that I found.  Recycling, I love it.

Apart from the sculptures in the garden, I have several stone angels, large urns, bird baths a sundial, bird feeder and a few garden seats under shady trees.
It is best not to have too much, don’t want it to look like a theme park.

My next project is going to be a bird house.


5 thoughts on “Garden sculptures

  1. J'Adore Travel

    Love it Lisa! I only have 1 or 2 pieces mostly large pots sitting around…would love to create pieces for myself. As you know we have pieces from Katie inside as I dont feel that I should have them in my garden….
    you inspire me Lisa, thank you xx


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