The Jacarandas are flowering


From the Red Hill Rambler, guest writer for my blog.
The Offsider and I have rambled a little bit further than the garden at the moment and I thought a photo of the jacaranda blooms in Melbourne would be of interest.

Jacaranda mimosifolia is a lovely deciduous tree to think about, brings glorious clouds of blue blossom overhead and later as the leaves come, fine ferny frond like foliage.

Zone 5, cool sub-tropical, but also zone 6 and 7 if you are lucky. Frost tender for a start but well worth the care. Trees are flowering well this year and have survived the dry of previous years.

Try to determine your zone when considering plants, but remember each garden has a micro climate of it’s own and plant to suit yours.

An under planting to consider would be dietes, will talk more about this plant indigenous to South Africa next time…..look up the zone while you wait……


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