Making a new garden bed at The Gables

I am making a new garden bed today. Join me as I do it. First the area has been leveled and soil carted in, by my friendly bob cat man Peter. Thank you Peter. Then I use my garden string line, made by my dad using beautiful timber, mine is made of Red gum carefully handcrafted. I have them for sale.


Next I lay out my plants. I have used Camellia Sasanqua Plantation Pink 5 approx 1 metre apart, exactly in between I have put Japanese Maples. I am expecting them to grow above the Camellias. I am planning to finish with a row of box hedge all around the garden bed. It will be planted on both sides as the hedge will be seen from both sides.


Next I plant, dig deeper and wider than your plant, this helps them get their roots established quickly. Water in well. I like to water newly planted plants every day for 2 weeks to help settle them in.


Some gardening equipment.


Next I put the watering system in. ThewWatering system is laid out on the ground. I use bits of wire bent in half to hold the black hose in place.


Attach your sprayers or drippers to your black hose and attach a clip on the end to attach your garden hose whilst watering. Clip on your garden hose and test that all of your sprayers are working and that you have no leaks.


Add a small handful of well rotted sheep manure.


Now put your plants to bed with a lovely thick layer of pea straw. This will help keep the moisture in over the summer months. Can you see the plants amongst the straw? Now sit back and enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Making a new garden bed at The Gables

  1. Gigi

    Cant wait to see how this garden bed turns out, if all goes to plan, and I’m sure it will, it will be glorious!!


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